The Joint Training School will take place in Hotel Palace in Belgrade (Serbia), during the period August 31 to September 6 2017.

The Training School will have 6 days of lectures, 6 × 6 hours. The lectures will be complemented by exercises to provide trainees with practical insight on selected problems of the different fields covered. There will be a poster session of the attendees during the school, followed by extensive discussion of research topics covered by the trainees.

Participants are expected to arrive on Wednesday, August 30 (dinner included), and leave on Thursday, September 7 (breakfast included). Teaching will take place every day, including Saturday and excluding Sunday. Social event(s) will be organized during the Training School.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

A. G. Császár (Eötvös U, Budapest, Co-chair, MOLIM)
L. Wiesenfeld (U Grenoble, Co-chair, Astrochem)
M. Cvitas (U Zagreb, Astrochem)
M. Hochlaf (U Paris Est, MOLIM)
I. Kleiner (U Paris Est, MOLIM)
M. Quack (ETH Zürich, MOLIM)
A. Rimola (U Barcelona, Astrochem)
W. F. Thi (MPE Garching, Astrochem)

Local Organizing Committee:

Sonja Grubišić (U Belgrade – Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy
Stanka Jerosimić (U Belgrade – Faculty of Physical Chemistry)
Helen Fraser (Astrochem Grant Holder, Open U)
Beverley Bishop (Open U, secretary to Astrochem)

Bastien Pincanon (U Paris Est, MOLIM Grant Holder Sec)


Palace Hotel in Belgrade is located in the historical and cultural heart of this beautiful city, close to walking and shopping streets, Kalemegdan fortress, parks, and the river Sava.